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Secondhand smoke is more than a nuisance; it is a health hazard that costs you money and hurts your business. A no-smoking policy establishes your property on the front end of a growing housing trend, positions your units to fill a market niche, and saves time and money

Join the Growing Number of Housing Providers with No-Smoking Policies

Download 9 Benefits of No-Smoking Policies infographic to see how going no-smoking can benefit your property. Click here for a step-by-step guide to help you adopt a no-smoking policy.

Jefferson County & Colorado Housing Trend

More properties in Jeffco and across Colorado are becoming no-smoking. More than 2,800 multi-unit residential buildings have 100% no-smoking policies that cover all indoor areas and units. The growing list of properties is updated at www.MySmokeFreeHousing.com

Why Should You Consider a No-Smoking Policy?
  • It’s legal and enforceable.
  • You save money.
  • Meet growing market demand for nonsmoking properties.
  • Happy residents stay longer.
We Can Help!

Jefferson County Public Health’s Tobacco Prevention Initiative is tasked with providing assistance to owners and managers who want to transition to no-smoking. Contact tobaccofree@jeffco.us or call 303-275-7555 to learn more about how we can help your property. Section 8 and low-income properties are especially encouraged to take advantage of our many free resources.

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