About Us: Tobacco-Free Jeffco Alliance

The Tobacco-Free Jeffco Alliance was established in 2003. It is made up of community coalitions, individual advocates, organizational partners, public health advocates, and tobacco prevention and control specialists across Jefferson County, Colorado. Our work supports the goal of reducing tobacco’s toll in our communities and across Colorado.

Our Efforts Include Activities To:


Youth and adult tobacco use.


Exposure to secondhand smoke and the aerosol from e-cigarettes where we live, work, learn and play.


Youth initiation of tobacco.


Healthy, tobacco-free choices and environments and the passage of policies to ensure these healthier options.


Awareness about accessible, effective cessation (quitting) resources for current tobacco users.


Community groups about the dangers of exposure secondhand smoke and the aerosol from electronic smoking devices.

Technical assistance and support for a variety of activities are provided by partner organizations, state-wide tobacco prevention organizations and grant and county-funded staff at Jefferson County Public Health.

About the Structure and Leadership of the Tobacco-Free Jeffco Alliance

We are a volunteer organization operating to support the work of tobacco prevention and control in our communities.

Strategic planning and decision-making processes are supported by the active leadership of local coalition groups, organizational partners and tobacco prevention work groups.

Current Alliance Activities Include:

  • Providing support for local adult and youth tobacco prevention coalitions.
  • Development of a work group to direct activities to reduce secondhand smoke exposure in low-income multi-unit housing (MUH).
  • Use of outreach, education and public information strategies to inform communities about the dangers of tobacco and the proven approaches to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.
  • Providing advisement around county and grant-funded activities of the Tobacco Prevention Initiative (TPI) at Jefferson County Public Health.
  • Disseminating tobacco-related information and educational materials, covering priority topics for communities, individuals, and families.