Grant-Funded Projects

The Tobacco Prevention Initiative (TPI) at Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) implements several tobacco prevention projects funded through grants. The activities of these projects support and complement the goals of Tobacco-Free Jeffco as well as tobacco prevention and control efforts across the region and State.

Tobacco Education, Prevention and Cessation (TEPC) Grant Program 2016-2018

In February of 2015, the Tobacco Prevention Initiative (TPI) at Jefferson County Public Health was awarded a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to support local tobacco prevention and control activities in Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties. This grant project runs from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2018.

These projects focus on best practices strategies for partnerships, programs and sustainable approaches to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. Grant activities are designed to address and reduce the health-related disparities caused by tobacco use and exposure in Colorado. Tobacco-related health disparities are more prevalent among certain population groups, including low income communities (youth, young adult and adults); racially/ethnically diverse communities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people; people with mental health needs and people with disabilities.  Research shows that these populations are more likely to be targeted by the tobacco industry and Colorado data show that rates of tobacco use and exposure are typically higher among these groups. The grant projects and activities are funded through the 2005 voter approved Amendment 35 Tobacco Excise Tax and administered through the State of Colorado’s Tobacco Education, Prevention and Cessation Grants Program.

For information about the over-arching goals and strategies of these projects please read the State’s 2020 strategic plan for tobacco prevention, education and cessation.

Goal area: increase success with cessation outcomes.
Assist service providers with addressing tobacco with their patients/clients effectively.

Resources, training and support for health, human services, behavioral health and other providers to improve outcomes for people who use tobacco and/or are exposed to secondhand smoke.

Tobacco Cessation Providers Learning Forum and Technical Assistance Project – quarterly meetings and technical assistance to support providers with effective implementation of tobacco interventions.

Goal area: reduce youth and adult tobacco initiation and use.
Build support for effective policies that reduce youth and adult tobacco use and access to tobacco.

Coordination of the Tobacco-Free Jeffco Alliance and assessment of existing policies to identify strengths and areas for policy improvement.

Coordination of youth Breathe Easy (BE) Teams and assessment of existing policies to identify strengths and areas for policy improvement.

Goal area: decrease tobacco prevalence and initiation among young adults.
Promote adoption of tobacco-related policies and best practice interventions in areas where 18-24 year old non-students and other community members experiencing greater tobacco-related burdens live, learn, get services and work.

Identify and provide technical assistance to multi-unit housing properties and employers in need of smoke-free policy changes.

Goal area: reduce youth (ages 14-18) tobacco use and initiation.
Review and assess communication and enforcement protocols for the Tobacco-Free Schools policy in Jeffco Public Schools, and increase the number of youth participating in evidence-based tobacco intervention or cessation services.

Partner with youth, adults, school administration and local law enforcement to implement assessment activities, educate stakeholders and support collaborative efforts to improve compliance.

Implement evidence-based interventions (Second Chance and Not on Tobacco “NOT”) in Jeffco Public Schools.

Goal area: reduce exposure to secondhand smoke.

Expand community level protections from secondhand smoke and nicotine aerosol exposure in County communities.

Facilitate and promote policies in local, affordable multiunit housing settings to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and advance policy change in affordable housing.

Supporting all goal areas: media and health communications.

Implement media/health communications strategies to support the grant project goals and efforts to educate the residents, visitors and leaders of Jefferson, Gilpin and Clear Creek Counties about tobacco’s harms and proven approaches to reduce tobacco’s toll.

For more information about the grant activities of the Tobacco Prevention Initiative, contact Donna Viverette at or 303-275-7555.
Grant-Funded Activities Supporting the Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act to Regulate Tobacco Under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Jefferson County Public Health also receives federal grant funding administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to support enforcement of the stipulations of the Family Smoking Prevention and Control Act. Activities of this grant include inspections of retail outlets to assure compliance with the stipulations of the Act as set and regulated by the FDA.

For more information about this federally funded project, please visit this link.

For more information, contact Donna Viverette at or 303-275-7555.