Tips for Parents and Caregivers

You can help your children make healthy choices about tobacco.

The following fact sheets can help you learn more about youth and tobacco:

Tips to Keep Youth Tobacco-Free
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Find more helpful tips in the chart below:

  1. Key facts about tobacco—this booklet is a good start.
  2. You don’t want anyone—including them—to use tobacco in your house or car.  Visit to learn about how to protect children from sccondhand smoke.
  3. Your expectations that they will never use tobacco or will stop using it.
  1. Cope with their problems.
  2. Refuse tobacco.
  3. Quit if they’re currently users.  If you are looking for resources to help your child quit tobacco, you can visit our Thinking of Quitting page or contact Donna Viverette at 303-275-7555 or
  1. Know what they’re doing and who their friends are.
  2. Network with other parents who can help you encourage children and teens to refuse tobacco.
  3. Encourage your children’s schools to enforce tobacco-free policies for students, faculty, staff, and visitors both on campus and at all school-sponsored events off campus.
  4. Enforce movie age restrictions—and discourage teens from playing video games or using other media that feature smoking.
  5. Never give tobacco to children or teens.
  6. Set a good example by not using tobacco yourself.

Get involved in local efforts!

To get involved in local tobacco prevention efforts, please visit this page, call 303-275-7555 or email You can also encourage your teen to get involved in a local Breathe Easy (BE) Team!