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Current Initiatives

On Monday, January 28, 2019, the Lakewood City Council unanimously passed a non-cigarette tobacco retailer licensing (NCTRL) ordinance designed to protect youth from tobacco. Tobacco retailer licensing is a proven strategy used to ensure responsible retailing, prevent illegal sales and reduce youth initiation of tobacco. The ordinance requires that any business selling non-cigarette tobacco (including vape) products in the City of Lakewood purchase an annual license. Non-cigarette tobacco includes any tobacco product that is not a cigarette, such as e-cigarettes, chew or spit tobacco, cigars, cigarillos, snus and pipe tobacco. The new ordinance went into effect March 2, 2019, and makes Lakewood the 12th, and largest, community in the state of Colorado to license tobacco retailers. Learn more about the passage of the ordinance here.

Click on the fact sheet and infographic below to learn more about the importance of reducing youth access to and use of tobacco:

Our Successes

In our first attempt at affecting a health policy, we were successful in strengthening the city’s tobacco ordinance to reduce public exposure to secondhand smoke. The work to build support for a stronger law spanned several years and engaged more than 100 community members as advocates. Though not all that we had fought for, the law in Lakewood does increase protections from secondhand smoke in several public areas not previously protected.

About Us

Citizens for a Healthier Lakewood is a coalition of Lakewood residents, leaders, business people and community organizations working together to make Lakewood a healthier place to live. Our coalition works to improve health for all the people who live, work and play in Lakewood by strengthening policies which help reduce tobacco’s toll in our community. Click on the fact sheet to the left to learn more!

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